Dale and I began making wooden items for tole painters back in the early 80's. We made rocking horses, folding tables, pie safes, and various other items at the time. Someone suggested we should give ourselves a name, so as a joke I made a sign with a rocking horse on it. Since we were being creative I thought that should reflect the name of our adventure. Thus Thomas-Creations was born

    We made all of the baby furniture for our first and only child, born in the spring of '88. He still uses most of the furniture such as the nightstand, bookcase, and wardrobe chest. We have put the baby bed away for future generations.

    In September of 2002, I began my spinning adventure and was soon making "designer" yarn. I was getting quite a collection of Skeins when Dale asked "What are you going to do with all that yarn you're making?" I told him something would come along.

    The first Tri-Looms he made were the three piece, one size style.

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