We also sell the Suzie Professional model with a green MDF wheel and whorl. This wheel is heavier and slightly larger than the rimu veneer drive wheel of the Suzie. It gives smoother spinning with greater inertia and is a favourite of many spinners. Some of the features of the Suzie Professional are:
    - Double heel and toe treadling
    - Comes with four (4) bobbins
    - Frictionless ball bearings
    - Single hook flyer
    - Folds up for transport
    - Maintainance-free drive band
    - Super smooth patented bobbins
    - Lightweight
    - No threading hook required
    - Right or left handed
    - Five main ratios available on each whorl
    - Accessories available are high speed whorl and low speed whorls to extend the spinning range from 3.25:1 to 20:1 as well as baby bobbins, lace bobbins and huge plying bobbins

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